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Celtic Stained Glass
Martin Mcelhone of Bellhagy Northern Ireland These Stained Glass items are all handmade by Martin ("Barney") McElhone, originally from Bellaghy, County Derry, Northern Ireland, in his Westfield Massachusetts workshop.
Handmade Stained Glass by

Celtic Glass Gift Creations
How to order a Celtic Creation
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Stained Glass Sun Catchers

Claddagh Angel
Claddagh Angel
Porcelain Claddagh Angel   Sun catcher
Claddagh Angel
celtic knot sun catcher
Celtic Knot
shamrock sun catcher
Hanging Prismatic Sun Catchers
Heart Sun catcher
Celtic Cross Sun catcher
Celtic Cross
Claddagh Suncatcher
Claddagh Suncatcher

Note: All of these suncatchers are of clear transparent glass like this one.
harp Suncatcher
celtic knot
Claddagh Fused
Glass Brooch
PinCeltic Knot
Dichroic Glass Brooch
Celtic Knot
Design Clock
Celtic Jewelry, Gifts & Decor
platenglass Set
Wedding Set
Celtic Knot
Design Plate
Fluted Glass Bowls
Shamrock Door Harp Door Harp Window
Custom Stained Glass Windows and Doors
Celtic knotwork
apprentice award Personalized Glass Awards retirement award
Celtic knotwork
Carved Celtic Dichroic Jewelry

1 Claddagh

2 Trinity Knot

3 Celtic Knot

4 Celtic Cross

5 Celtic Cross

This glass fusion jewelry is the unique combination of high-tech and ancient art form
The dichroic or light-catching glass is used in aerospace optics, microbiology research and solar energy cells. I use it with stained glass in my fused jewelry. Light will change the colour as you move and view it fron different angles.

Celtic knotwork

Wondering what a Claddagh is?
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Stained Glass Church Window
Church Window Restorations